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What’s a Guy Got to Do to Get Some Flies Around Here?
6 0 19 May 2019
MAN! CEREAL AGAIN ???! LoL by: Unknown Tagged: again, boring, cereal, flies,…
Keep Your Whole Body in Tip-Top Shape While Traveling this Winter Season
5 0 19 May 2019
The winter traveling season is upon us, which can mean overbooked flights,…
More Sustenance!
5 0 18 May 2019
Moar Pretzils, Please Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: dogs, eating, food, i has…
You Dumb Cat, We’ve Already Moved on to Owling!
6 0 18 May 2019
Planking Ur doin it EXCELLENTLY LoL by: TheGrimReaver Tagged: animals, Cats, eating,…
This man fed a family of crows for years — then they started bringing him presents.
5 0 18 May 2019
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay This story really is incredible; it shown…
AMBER ALERT (My food dish is empty)
6 0 18 May 2019
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Rock Hyrax Smells Food
8 0 17 May 2019
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A Week In Columbus, OH, On A $52,500 Salary
6 0 17 May 2019
Welcome toMoney Diaries, where we're tackling what might be the last taboo…
I Have Dreamed of This Day!
5 0 17 May 2019
U meen ... iz mine? LoL by: sbowman1 983 Tagged: dreamed, food,…