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My Meditation experience

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I am 31 yrs age-old now and I thought of writing down the experience I had with meditation when I was 28. At 28, I took a sabbatical and moved to the outskirts of the city for a year to practice mediation. My career was not that glamorous anyway( it still isn’t ). I clubbed Ashtanga Yoga and daily meditation. I used to eat in a bowl like a monk, prepare my own food , no wi-fi( but had slow quicken internet for emails& other stuff lol ). I used to drink a lot, smoke a lot and devour& sleep unhealthy. I did overcome all of that by the daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga! I was surprised as to how Yoga was so effective in restrain my brain.

After all that, in a couple of weeks, I was ready for meditation. Until then I “ve never” mulled for more than 10 -1 5 mins. Interestingly, I could never mull for more than 20 mins. My technique was visualization. Initially, it was very difficult for me to bring my brain to rest. So I started visualizing that I was in a very cozy ashram in front of my Guru with a few cases of his followers. Eventually I have allowed us to visualize anything I is ready to. Within a week, I started to notice that there were bursts of colourings ranging from purple to green to even red at times.

So I must be given to get on the internet to check what it was. I was referring to some volumes as well. I can’t explain that phenomenon but it’s not that hard to reach that stage. I was so excited that within a week something was happening. So I remembered I might get some Yogic abilities within a month or so lol. I was able to see those colourings every time I sit for meditation. After another week, when I was not meditating, I used to get these random flashbacks which I had totally forgotten. I could even recollect some dreams! These flashbacks were unique because I could survey the place around me when I had those flashbacks. It was like looking into a panoramic or 360 degree picture where you can turn and look at the place that is around you. The flashbacks is still not in my restraint though. It was just random.

I was convinced that I “wouldve been” get flashbacks from my previous incarnations. But after a month or so, I could not make any further progress. I was not practicing Yoga either because I was confused by all this and also had become lazy. I said to myself that I need to take a break from this break. So for the rest of the year, I simply seldom meditated or did Yoga. I enjoyed abiding by myself though.

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