This Designer Launched The “Little Irish House” Project To Help Stray Animals –

This Designer Launched The “Little Irish House” Project To Help Stray Animals

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Jelena Mardere is an Ireland- Based Lithuanian designer who developed a unique programme called “Little Irish House” to help stray swine. On her webpage, Jelena pays special attention to the 600,000, 000 stray swine around the world living on the streets, suffering from disease and hunger and at the compassion of extreme climate. She claims( And we couldn’t is all very well) that every bird-dog, cat and other live animal deserves care and love. While not all of us are able to adopt a stray animal, we do all have the capacity to lend a helping hand, instead of ignoring their plight. So Project Little Irish House is her way of reflecting a spotlight on this problem. In a direction, she’s offering a house to help those who don’t have a home. Each person making a donation for stray animals in need of shelter will receive a portray: a miniature Irish house made by her. The donated money will be used to buy items necessary for the care of stray animals( food, drug, hygiene products and so on ), which she will then provide to well-regarded, registered animal shelters. For more info, visit her home page/ Facebook page

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